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Arts Centre

235 King St. West
Brockville, Ontario
(613) 342-7122















































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Production List

Seating Capacity
View our Seating Map here
Orchestra: 478
Balcony: 232
Total: 710
*Wheelchair Accessible
* Phonic Ear System for the hearing impaired

Box Office
The Box Office offers telephone and counter service utilizing Theatre Manager Box Office software .
Hours: Monday to Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Other Service: Ticket Printing and Sales Subscriptions

Front of House
Staff and Services: House Manager, Bar/Concession, Coat Checking, Ushers

Stage Dimensions
Proscenium Opening: Width 38 ft., Height 21 ft., 14 inches deep
Curtain Line: to back wall 38 ft.
Centre Line: to stage right 32 ft., to stage left 33 ft.
Free Height: 20 ft overall

Stage Floor
Black masonite on plywood
Not Rake
No Elevators

Grid Height: 60 ft.
Counterweight Fly Lines: 25
Electric Bars: 5
Pipe Length: 40 ft.
1000 lbs. capacity
Operation Stage Left Gallery

House Curtain:
Manually operated stage left or can be flown in and out
Borders/Teaser: 2 - black 40 ft. x 8ft. high
Legs: 5 sets - black 12 ft. wide x 28 ft. high
Travellers: 3 sets - 40 ft. wide x 28 ft. high (1 royal, 1 red, 1 black)
Cyclorama: 1 - 40 ft. x 30 ft. high, Tie on Canvas

Orchestra Pit
Access: Stage left, or access through music room off dressing room area
Overall Pit Size: 38 ft. side x 9 ft. (centre) 8 ft. (ends) - 5'4" deep
Accommodated Musicians: 22

9ft Steinway D Concert Grand (stage)
5ft Steinway M Baby Grand (lobby)
Both pianos in good working condition

Projection Room
Located at the rear of balcony
- Changeover booth
- Two custom modified Phillips 16mm projectors fitted with Pearless Magna Arc lamps
- Supersimplex 35mm projectors with Pearless Magnarc lamps


ETC 72 channel insight console CRT monitor 36
Dimming: Colortran ENR 96 dimmer rack 2.4K per dimmer
Plugs: All plugs new style 20 amp Twistlock
20 x 1k Colortran Fresnels
16 x 1k PAR 64
10 x source 4 - 575
CYC lights x 4
4 x 1k 6 x 16 Strand (2216)
4 x 1k Scoops (750 watt bulbs)
48 x 1k Colortran 5/50
Follow-Spots: 2 Altaman Follow Spots (operated from projection booth)

Sound System Rev1.0 03Dec09 (download PDF here)
DiGiCo™ SD8 Mixing Console with Overdrive Software

- 48 Mic/Line Inputs and 8 Line Outputs on XLR Stage Box
- Remote controlled, studio grade, Mic Pre's
- On-board local I/O with 8 Mic/Line Inputs, 8 line Outputs and 8 AES I/O. All on XLR.
- 36 Touch-sensitive Faders (+ Stereo/LCR Master Fader) on Worksurface
- Up to 24 (Mono or Stereo) Mix busses + LCR Master Mix busses
- 16 In x 12 Out fully assignable Matrix (independent and in addition to the 51 Mix busses)
- 2 independent Solo busses
- 8 internal stereo FX processors (including reverbs)
- 24 x third-octave 32-band fully assignable graphic EQ's
- 8 channels (Mono or Stereo), 4-band, fully assignable, Dynamic EQ
- 8 channels (Mono or Stereo), 4-band, fully assignable, Multiband Compressor
- Snapshot cue control automation with timed crossfade
- Offline and Online session control programming
Console can be removed. 48 Pair Analog Snake with 8 Returns from Stage to FOH permanently Installed.
Coax and Cat6e Pairs from Stage to FOH permanently installed.

- TASCAM™ CD200i CD Player with iPod dock.

MAIN SOUND REINFORCEMENT (NOTE: All Meyer Loudspeakers are Self-Powered)
Stereo L-R House System consisting of:
- Meyer Sound™ UPQ-2P Upper & UPQ-1P Lower with 700HP Sub per side
- Meyer Sound™ UPM-1P (x5) Under Balcony Delay Fill
- Meyer Sound™ UPJunior (Left & Right) Upper Balcony Corner Delay Fill
- Meyer Sound™ MM4-XP (x5) Stage Lip Front Fill
- Meyer Sound™ Sound Galileo 6 IN x 16 OUT Loudspeaker System Controller
- SIM™ Tuned & Optimized for even Floor, Under-Balcony and Balcony Coverage, Tone and SPL

- Meyer Sound™ UPJ-1P (x6)

Qty Brand Model & Description
5 Shure™ Beta57
2 Shure™ Beta58
4 Shure™ Beta87C
2 Shure™ Beta91
1 Shure™ SM57
1 Shure™ Beta52
4 Shure™ Beta98D/S
4 Shure™ SM81
6 K&M™ 259 Black – Short stand with Telescoping Boom
6 K&M™ 27195 Black – Regular Stand with Telescoping Boom
6 K&M™ 260 Black – Round Base Mic Stand

- Multiple Wired intercom drops throughout Theatre, Backstage and Green Room
- Clear-Com™ MS-232 A & B Channel Main (Loudspeaker) Station & Main Power Supply.
- Clear-Com™ RS-501 BeltPacks with CC-95 (single-muff) or CC-250 (dual-muff) Headsets
- HME™ 2.4GHz Wireless Intercom Base Station interfaced into wired intercom system
- 4 x HME™ Wireless BeltPacks with HS16 (single-muff) Headsets

- Listen™ Master Stationary Transmitter (72 MHz) Model LT-800
- 10 x Portable Display FM Personal Receivers with Ear Speakers for use by our patrons.

Dressing Rooms
2 large chorus rooms, 3 small (1 with private washroom), large hallway, male & female water closets
Equipment: dressing tables, chairs, portable clothes racks, mirrors, makeup lights, sinks, ironing board and iron, electrical outlets, catering tables and eating area, pop machines, couches, washer/dryer

Green Room
Available in lobby for receptions or private functions. Please inquire.

Loading Area
Location: East wall of stage
Loading Dock: 4.5 ft. from ground, dock at storage level
Loading Door: 7'10" high, 7'8" wide


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